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  • What insurances does your office use?
    We accept and submit most dental insurance plans. We submit all dental insurance plans and will file claims on your behalf. Our knowledgeable benefit coordinators can help you maximize your dental benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs. We will submit your dental plan to your insurance to determine the amount they pay.
  • What is a covered benefit?
    Treatment that is recommended by a dentist, is listed on the fee schedule, and accepted under the terms of your groups plan.
  • What is optional treatment?
    Treatment that is either not listed on your fee schedule or more than the minimum to restore the tooth back to its original function.
  • What is the difference between Indemnity & PPO?
    Indemnity Indemnity or Traditional Insurance reimburses members or dentists at the dentist's UCR (Usual, Customary, & Resonable Fee). This allows the subscriber to go to any dental office without being limited to a panel. PPO Preferred Provider Organization is the most common. They provide members with a list of dentist to choose from. The dentists on this list have agreed to lower their fee schedule, which provides you with greater costs savings. They also assist with insurance billing.
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